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Black Friday & Cyber Monday – How to Display Your Promotions

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and for those not familiar with this rather ominous phrase, ‘Black Friday’ originates from the USA and is a retailer driven marketing ploy to kick start the Christmas shopping season.

‘Black Friday’ is beginning to gain momentum amongst retailers here in the UK too, with many of the big names such as Amazon, Debenhams, Boots and now John Lewis all offering special deals on-line and in-store…. it is now considered to be one of the busiest shopping days across the world.


Our Window Poster Holder Magikframe range is the perfect choice for those last minute promotions, as these re-useable sign holders can hold a simple poster in your shop window announcing your lastest promotion and we hold stock of both portrait and landscape posters with sizes ranging from A7 to A2. They are easy to install and don’t leave any messy residue behind, a welcome relief on busy days!


Window Suction Cups

Capturing the attention of passers by will increase your chance of winning them and what better way to catch their eye than a stand out window display. Our Suction Cup range offers a great selection of sign fittings giving you the flexibility you need when dressing your all important window display and because our Suction Cups are easy to reposition they’re perfect for a little bit of creativity whether you’re displaying a Black Friday promotional poster or hanging up your Christmas lights.

Clear Suction Cup
Clear Suction CupSuction CupClear Suction Cup

Showcard Frames

Our Showcard Frames are ideal for quick changes, in both position and also the speed in which you can update your promotional message. We stock a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes for Floor Standing promotions, Dump Bins and if your shop floor allows then we even have Stands that can attach to a pallet.
Our Showcard Frames are categorised below, so you can easily find the one that suits your needs

Browse some of our Showcard Stand Frame Products…..

Showcard Frame for Pallets Floor Standing Showcard Frames Showcard Frame for Wire - Dump Bins


Retailers will also need to be prepared for the Christmas rush which will soon be upon us and stores need to look their best. ESP Display can help you smarten up your shop, restaurant, bar, pub, theatre, cafe, reception area, etc.. whatever your establishment – we can help!